Family Law



Family Law cases are some of the most sensitive and life changing situations. Most of us did not plan on being in this position. Family law court can be incredibly frustrating and even mind numbing. You have probably realized that you don’t want to turn over your life over to a deaf judge and a court Disso Master.

You can take control of the situation, you can make the judge and the courts hear you. It all comes down hard gritty and experienced investigative work. We can work directly and discreetly with you. We will provide you with the pivotal information that will change your circumstance for the better. However we can also work with your attorney.

You have a legal right to know certain things about your former spouse and the total circumstance. But your former spouse may be trying very hard to hide certain pieces of information. They may even be doing things that would surprise you. They may have past activities that you don’t know about that could change your case. If they are allowed to hide the facts, your situation cannot change for the better.



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